Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is required when dental decay has reached the nerve of your tooth, and has caused the nerve to becomes necrotic, or die, over time.

Sometimes, this can happen and not cause any pain whatsoever, however the most common symptoms of a tooth requiring root canal treatment can be, but are not limited to, severe sensitivity, tenderness to pressure and biting, or presence of a dental abscess.

The process of root canal treatment involves removing the infected nerve inside the tooth, placing medication inside the tooth, and then filling the empty space with a root-filling material that helps to seal it from bacteria in the future.


Firstly, local anaesthesia is used for the tooth that requires the root canal treatment, similar to when a filling is done. Then, the decay is removed from the tooth, and an access hole is made into where the nerve of the tooth is. We use our specialised dental instruments called dental files to then clean all the infected nerve tissue out. X-rays are utilised to ensure we clean out the entirety of the infected nerve, so that medication can be placed to disinfect it. After the tooth is symptom-free, we will place a biocompatible filling inside the tooth, to hopefully prevent bacteria from re-entering this area again. Root canal treatment can sometimes range from 2 to 4 appointments, over several months.

Root canal treatment is important to remove the infected nerve, however after the root canal treatment is completed, the tooth unfortunately is brittle and prone to fracturing because of the damage done by the decay in the first place. Therefore, a dental crown is placed on the tooth to protect it for the future. If a dental crown is not placed after root canal treatment, you may end up with a broken tooth in the future, and the root canal treatment will have been wasted.

Root canal treatment, if done well, often has a success rate of 90-94%. Sometimes, the procedure can be very complex, and hence a root canal specialist (Endodontist) may be required to complete the treatment.

The costs of the treatment heavily depend on how many nerves the tooth has, as well as the complexity of the case. Our dentists can provide you with a quote for root canal treatment and a dental crown (if needed) before commencing the first stage.

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